Dean’s message

From early 90s, there has been growing interest in entrepreneurship in India. The trigger for this growing interest is Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization (LPG) which India has been pursuing to enhance its growth. But it has assumed significant importance only during the past two years under the leadership of Sri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India who said : “I see start-ups, technology and innovation as exciting and effective instruments for India’s transformation”. Start-up India is a flagship initiative of the government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system to promote entrepreneurship in the country that will lead to economic growth and generate large-scale employment opportunities. Investors, business owners, professionals and academicians are invited to partner this movement in order to accelerate the pace of development in India. I am greatly delighted to inform that GITAM School of International Business has also participated in this movement to provide for entrepreneurship in India. The School has created a separate track in all its academic programmes for all those who wish to opt out of placement to start their own ventures. In addition, the School in collaboration with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi, set-up an Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR-Cell) to help faculty and students in GITAM and even from outside GITAM in the neighbourhood of Visakhapatnam to file their patents. There is an argument world-wide that B-School approach to the development of entrepreneurship is necessary but not sufficient. The argument is based on the fact that entrepreneurs to be successful need to be provided with a host of practical services that include financial, operational, legal and processing etc. All these are considered to be very important to take the initial idea to the market place. In view of this, an incubator-approach to entrepreneurship development is now widely suggested and used. GITAM School of International Business also believes that students who opt for entrepreneurship in MBA Programme should be followed up through an incubator to provide them with support to take their initial ideas to the market place. Precisely with this in mind, GSIB entered into an MOU with RenB Solutions (P) Ltd., to start an Incubator in the School. RenB Solutions (P) Ltd., is located at Mumbai and is specializing in the establishment and management of Incubators. Accordingly, GSIB-RenB Incubator was started on 18th March, 2016, and it was inaugurated by Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, Group Chairman, DH Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. The students admitted into MBA Programmes in the School therefore would have the advantage of pursuing their dreams by joining the GSIB-RenB Incubator. RenB Solutions would provide all the necessary interactions that are relevant and connect the students with a variety of service providers. In simple terms, students would have the advantage of mentoring in the GSIB-RenB Incubator by the best of professionals in India. This is how success for entrepreneurship is guaranteed in GITAM School of International Business. I welcome all those who would like to take Leadership Positions in Industry as well as those who would like to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurships. GSIB has made the best of arrangements for both ends.

With Good Wishes
Dr V K Kumar
Dean and Director