International Study Tour

International study tour is an immense learning experience for students studying International Business. The last academic year (2014-15) the first year students of MBA Programme from all specialisations visited Singapore. They had spent about a week (15/02/2015 – 20/02/ 2015) in Singapore and observed Port and Maritime operations, Container Freight Station (CFS) # 12 operations, Urban Redevelopment Authority’s strategic planning processes and a couple of manufacturing plants such as – “Tiger Brewery and neWater Centre”. While ‘Tiger Brewery’ produces Beer and other beverages, ‘neWater Centre’ is a wastewater processing plant which fulfils the need of the Industry at large. The NeWater plant has already commenced bottlepacking in 500 ml, the product (packaged water) is yet to make inroads due to ill-awareness of its quality parameters by its customers for consumption. Moreover in the process of cleaning the waste water, the water becomes so clean that it loses its mineral and vitamin components which again is not congenial for human consumption. However, in both the plants students adequately learned about operational management practices.

Maritime & Port as well as CFS operations are considered to be best learning places especially for Logistics and Supply Chain Management specialised students, particularly from standpoint of International Business. Students were explained various operational practices like turnaround times of ships, the significance of Singapore CFS in the World map as one of the important global Transhipment hubs playing a key role for South East Asian countries. The prominence of Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority can be better learned by the fact that AP Capital Regional planning and Development considering their knowledge in managing the urban space, and (land in particular) its optimization methodologies. To reinforce the learnings during the tour, students in groups will present Reports on their observations before a panel of faculty. The topics will broadly be based on Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

International Internship

To align with the course objectives, GSIB endeavour is to provide opportunities to pursue International Internship Projects abroad. During the last academic year (2014-16), a few GSIB students have pursued overseas internships at Qatar and Sri Lanka to work for Multi-National Banks and Companies on real time projects concerning International Business. Though GSIB could arrange more opportunities, for some constraints of students and for obvious reasons, few of the opportunities arranged in China and Singapore could not be utilised this year.

Industry Interface

Industry Interface is a week-long Program driven by faculty and students of GITAM School of International Business. During this period, students under the guidance of faculty travel to important industrial cities in India to visit companies and introduce GSIB to them. The objectives behind these visits are to show-case GSIB to industry and invite them to the campus for recruitment and
summer internship projects. In fact, industry interface is more than this. Students are provided with an opportunity to use this as a vehicle to learn to meet executives in industry, give presentations, and marketing of GSIB and its programs.

Summer Internship Project

Every student admitted to MBA (IB, IBF & GLSCM) has to undergo 8 weeks of Summer Internship Project, either domestic or international, immediately after completing the III Trimester-end
examinations. The summer project has the following objectives:

  • To introduce the student to the world of business and enable her/him to understand the realities and dynamics of work environment.
  •  To enable her/him to apply the management concepts, principles, tools and techniques learnt, to problems in practice.

Students seeking and trying on their own Summer Internship will have to take prior approval from the School after giving necessary details of the organization to the Placement Office. During the period, the student is expected to work on a project assigned to her/him by the organization where the student is placed. The student shall work under the guidance of a person from the company and the School to whom the student is assigned for the purpose. The student shall, however, work under the overall guidance of the concerned faculty. Two or more students working on the same Summer Project is not permitted. Upon completion of the project, the student shall submit two copies of the report to the Programme Chairperson. In case the student is not able to complete the Summer Project due to extraordinary circumstances, the student has to complete the project after the VI Trimester before receiving the degree with prior permission of the School. A committee consisting of two faculty members and a Senior Professor would evaluate the report and the presentation, and award a grade. These  presentations should be completed within 4 weeks of the beginning of Trimester-IV. The grade awarded in the two-credit Summer Project shall be included in the computation of the CGPA at the end of Trimester – IV. The School will constitute a committee to screen all summer internship projects and select three best summer internship projects for publication in Global Vistas, a Journal of the School.