About the Programme

Decision-making in business organizations today is no longer on gut-feel and hunches. In the fast growing technology environment, analytics based decision-making is imperative for business organizations to lead the business against competitors, socio economic changes and increasing customer demands.

Business Analytics is the art and science of analyzing data in its enormity and discovering patterns in them and using those patterns to predict specific performance indicators to a very high level of accuracy. On analyzing these patterns, new powerful and game changing insights can be generated giving decision-making a whole new dimension. Business Analytics in its sophistication nullifies decision-making based on gut feeling, instead allows one to make data-driven decisions.

GITAM School of International Business (GSIB) and IBM realized the need to develop professionals in Business Analytics and designed co-branded PGDBA Programme towards that end. As Business Analysts cannot process data to distil meaningful foresights and insights for decision-making without understanding domain expertise, PGDBA Programme aims at providing students with domain expertise, before equipping them with tools and techniques of Business Analytics and Data Science. While doing that, proper blend of theory and practice has been made in the Programme to develop smart professionals in Business Analytics.

IBM- Business Analytics Lab has been set up in the School to support the Programme, and GSIB faculty have been trained by them. In addition, IBM will be providing the relevant software and
training on Predictive Analytics using IBM SPSS, Descriptive Analytics using IBM Cognos, and Big data Analytics using IBM InfoSphere BiginSights.

Programme Objectives :

The PGDBA Programme is designed in collaboration with IBM to develop students admitted as Professionals in Business Analytics who can confidently work to create value in organizations.

The students on completion of the Programme would:

  • Gain an understanding of the management process in business organizations;
  • Understand and apply decision-making frameworks in functional areas of business;
  • Appreciate potential of data and plan a big data eco-system;
  • Source, describe, manipulate and process data;
  • Build data models;
  • Visualize and present foresights and insights that are important for decision making.

Programme Duration :

One year (three trimesters of 10 months duration followed by a Capstone Project of two months duration in industry)

Placement Assistance :

Placement assistance would be provided to the students who fulfil the placement criteria of the School.